Information Security

Lister Technologies Private Limited is committed to enhance the value to its customers by delivering IT and IT enabled Services in compliance with the principles of Information security maintaining Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability

We recognize the fact that Information is one of our most important assets and we shall protect the same by ensuring that,

  • Information Security Training is imparted to all staff in the organization.
  • Procedures and policies are in place to support the ISMS framework.
  • Security measures are taken after detailed Risk Assessment based on the business value and the risk of exposure of the assets.
  • Business Continuity Management requirements are identified and appropriate procedures and measures are put in place.
  • Incident Management process is in place.
  • Disciplinary actions are formulated and taken against those who violate organization's Information Security Policy.
  • All applicable Legal, Regulatory, Statutory, Contractual requirements are considered in ISMS.
  • Information Security Forum has the overall responsibility of implementation and maintenance of ISMS.
  • All employees are committed to this policy and follow the practices mentioned in the ISMS.
  • The continual implementation and effectiveness of this policy is ensured via regular reviews and audits.