CSR Policy

Lister Technologies' Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

Lister Technologies Private Limited (Lister Technologies) was incorporated on 30th May 2000 and provides technology solutions in Data Analytics, E-Business, Customer Relationship Management; as well as Revenue Cycle Management Services and E-Publishing Services. The Founder and Management Team of Lister Technologies are committed to ensuring that the company's activities result in inclusive growth and contribute positively to society. The CSR activities of Lister Technologies are carried out through Lister Technologies Foundations which was incorporated as a Sec.25 company under the Companies Act 1956.

CSR Committee

Lister Technologies' CSR Committee consists of the following 2 Directors:
1. Mr.A.Srinivasa Gopalan – Chairman and Managing Director
2. Mr.G.Srinivasan – Director

CSR Policy

Lister Technologies Foundations

Lister Technologies Foundations, incorporated on 9th January 2001, has a vision to 'Touch a Million Lives' through its community initiatives. Lister Technologies Foundations has adopted a consistent and systematic approach towards achieving this vision. LTF contributes to society through four focus areas:

a) Financial and Advisory Support to Non-Governmental Organizations
b) Cultivating 'Individual Responsibility' amongst Lister Technologies' Employees
c) Providing Pro-Bono Access to Technology Services and Equipment for Social Projects

Focus Areas

Financial and Advisory Support to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Lister Technologies Foundations provides access to high quality education and health care by supporting credible, verified and proven Non-Governmental Organizations. Prior to supporting any NGO, Lister Technologies Foundations conducts a rigorous evaluation of the purpose, activities, financial credibility and effectiveness of the NGO. Lister Technologies Foundations conducts evaluations of all partner NGOs to ensure maximum value is created as a result of the contribution.

Cultivating 'Individual Responsibility' amongst Lister Technologies' Employees

Lister Technologies Foundations creates opportunities for all Lister Technologies employees to be regularly engaged in social initiatives such that each employee undergoes a process of sensitization and ownership towards addressing social and environmental challenges in India. Current projects include mentoring high-potential children and advisory services to rural women entrepreneurs. Lister Technologies Foundations aims to continuously increase the involvement and impact created by her employees.

During 2014 – 2015, 21% of Lister Technologies' employees participated and contributed to at least one such programme.

Providing Pro-Bono Access to Technology Services and Equipment for Social Projects

Lister Technologies commits to providing technology support, through donating technology hardware and software as well as software services to select deserving NGOs. Over the past two years, the company has donated 17 computers and over 6 man-months of software development services to deserving organizations.

Geographical Focus

Lister Technologies Foundations' first three areas of focus are pursued in Chennai and districts surrounding Chennai where Lister Technologies is headquartered.

Financial Commitment

Lister Technologies Private Limited demonstrates its commitment towards Lister Technologies Foundations by securing it as a prominent shareholder of the company. On incorporation, the promoters of Lister Technologies yielded portions of their equity to Lister Technologies Foundations, thereby safeguarding its financial health and stability. Lister Technologies Foundations remains the second largest shareholder in Lister Technologies and conducts all its activities using the dividends it receives annually. During FY 2011 – FY 2015, Lister Technologies Foundations received more than Rs. 1.5 crores in dividends from Lister Technologies and offered donations worth Rs. 34 lakhs during the same period.