Privacy Policy Statement

Privacy Statement

I understand that by submitting a job application online I permit Lister Technologies Private Limited to use my information for recruitment-related purposes. I understand that the information that I submit will be used to process my application, and may be used to provide personalized online experience, to send relevant information about career opportunities at Lister Technologies Private Limited, and to analyze the effectiveness of the recruitment efforts and resources. I understand that Lister Technologies Private Limited may keep my information on its file for an appropriate time in order to consider me for other employment opportunities with Lister Technologies Private Limited in the future. By continuing to submit the information, I accept to have read and understood Lister’s Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy available on Lister’s website. My acceptance below indicates that this application was completed by me and the information submitted is true and complete. If there is any information that was needed to be updated, I shall contact Lister Technologies Private Limited to update the records. I understand that any misrepresentation, falsification, or deliberate omission of facts may result in the rejection of my application or if hired, may lead to termination of employment.